Sugar Mummy USA is Seeking Arrangement

Sugar Mummy USA is Seeking Arrangement – A USA based Sugar Mummy in Texas is seeking for an arrangement with a very young man between the age of 25 and 30.

My name is Theresa, 32 years of age. I am average in height, beautiful and i am any man’s dream. I might not be perfect but i possess a lot of good and attracting qualities that every man will long for, whether young or old, no matter how the case may be. I can be with that man and make him feel love.

I am not going to make my man feel uncomfortable while around me as am always an easy going type and this have made my friends to be all around me. I can laugh and play a lot especially with someone i really appreciate. I am not going to be turning his requests down, i will try as much as possible to meet up with it.

My place of work gives me privilege enough to hang out with friends, and as such i can be hanging out with my man as often as i choose to. If he accepts the walk out, we will go for it but if he doesn’t accept it, i will still be okay by it. He should learn to be understanding and how to pamper me. As i don’t like someone who will be harsh to me.

If he chooses that i place him on monthly salary, i will happily do that, as long as he can be loyal and trustworthy to me. I don’t want to fall into the hands of men who are tricky and wants to use my heart for play.

He will be provided with an accommodation, if he doesn’t want to stay with me in my own house. Though i am free and stay alone, i can still rent his own apartment for him. I don’t like long distance relationship, so if my man is not in the US, i can help him come over and stay with me. I will provide all the necessary things needed for his coming. All i need is that loyal and trustworthy man who is willing to pamper me and treat me like a baby.

Sugar Mummy USA

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Sugar Mummy USA

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    • 🎶💌 Is bubble tea a well-served refreshment on that side?🤔 Hi, I am a 25 year old Hispanic Male, Currently residing in the States🌆. I stand 5’11 have black (brown-ish) hair, brown eyes and long eye lashes. Am athletic like extracurricular activities such like Sight-seeing, Adventuring🌌, Inventing and Cooking. I started cooking at a small age🏆. I am a very energetic person and my level is thru the ceiling🛒. I like Reading, although the periodic table of elements not my strong suit🎈. I like Snow, Exercising, playing sports. I am looking to meet a mature women who is sweet and sour, caring, got stories to share 😂😂😂. Am good at small talk and deep conversation when the time is right.🌌
      Hopefully the Sun Is Shining, like you😊💯🎁

  • Hey Theresa, am Justice. Am interested in being your man. I will treat you and Pamper you like a baby. I will make you feel loved. I will respect and be faithful to you. This is my contact +2348166447006

  • Hi how are you Sweet Dr I’m from Pakistan my age is 26years an I’m single nothing have any family only one I’m that’s my contract number with whatsapp 00968 98571806

  • For our love,affection and romantic times WhatsApp me on +233268726281 for more details but am a strong Christian who don’t fail to fulfill promises.

  • Email: [email protected]
    WhatsApp Contact: +233240813629
    Patrick is my name, but I love it when I’m called “NOBLE PADDY”. I am 28years old. Well Educated with an Accounting background. Love and honesty has been my hallmark. And the greatest gift one can wish for is to love and be loved back. As such wouldn’t give any mummy that pours her heart to be with me a reason to doubt me. I will let her swim in an amazing pool of love and let her knows that indeed we have unique guys out there.
    Ghana is my country.
    Looooove you yah, I mean you, yes you the mummy reading!!!
    Thank you!!!

  • Hello Theresa nice to meet you. Am Osman from Sierra leone west Africa. A 27 years romantic and energetic young African with some respect. Never smoke, drink or drugs. Trustworthy, loyal. But how can you trust some one whom you never lived with. Would you have the faith to trust me when both of us never lived together and never know each other before? Or if I say am honest,trustworthy or loyal. These is not enough for both of us until we both lived together there you will know me very well. Not only chosen me because of you want need me, but what will be my in part in your life and what would you benefit from me or what I benefit from you. Let me tells you this, life is about chosen the right person or relationship, but how much we care till the very end. Theresa love me I will make you feels proud and teachs you my African styles new things which you never come across in your life and thy are good for both of us. Thanks you very much. WhatsApp me +23288988468 or Email [email protected]

  • Hi bootylicious mom.Am 24years kenyan guy,well strong to satisfy you 4 your satification and ready to have you in my life.+254797940106

  • Hi Thess Im Derrick from Ghana
    I will do anything possible to make u feel happy provided am chosen .love u

  • Im siyabonga from South Africa…cant say much action speaks louder than words what i can say is im a cool n collected im a satisfiear in bed ooh trust me nd im twenty one years of age….here is the thing im here to make you feel good/+27815537351

  • hello dear and how are you doing in your country,i am from South Africa an Indian Christian guy at the age of 54years,i am smart and knows how o treat a woman,please whats app me on +27742409632 or e-mail me on [email protected],so we can chat further,you will not regret having me buy your side.

    Kem Singh

  • Hi I am very much interested hope I am the choosen one I am loyal humble nice tall good looking seeking a real sugar mama to avoid my financial problems I am friendly and make very comfortable I will treat as my family,pls reach me at what’s up or mail

    What’s up : +971558036493
    Email: [email protected]

  • Hey hun. What a beautiful young woman we have here.

    Im SJ… from South Africa. 25 years of age….caucasian male. Young, energetic, humerous and extremely affectionate. Id lo e to be in the states with you. Get to know you and all those wonderful things.

    Pop me a mail sometime ok? [email protected]

    Love to hear from you


  • Well, I’m sincere, calm and trustworthy but I’m at the age of 21. Lives in Ghana looking for a right partner who can take good care of me and can date for a very long time.
    Tho I will like to pamper and make fun with you. If interested, text me on hangout [email protected] or on whatsapp +233576144825.

  • Hi,my name is Samuel,I’m Wondimufrom Ethiopia, I’m 24 years old,,I’m healthy, and handsome,my height is 1.65 meter and my weight is 67 kg, I have brown eyes and light blackhair .. I like sports and science but I have never worked hard on either of them although ,I’m intelligent and have good physical abilities . I’m honest and caring however I have been single all my life because I’m looking for a serious relationship and I don’t want to fool around with a woman that I don’t love. I want to grow as a human being and be responsable so that I can be a strong husband and father,and the truth is I’m tired of being alone,I want to love and be loved.My wife must have a pure heart, a charming smile and bewithching eyes and of course she is pretty just as yourself.
    If you see me fit to be your husband and you are willing to love me,teach me ,support me and be patient with me,then I promise on my honor to grow to be a splendid husband who loves you,protects you and cherish you and I will never hurt you . In other words, I’m tired of wasting time,Ijust want to study hard,train hard, work hard, love hard, hug hard ,have sex hard and live my life to its fullest. This may sound crazy but I tried to write from the heart and it is my hope that you will be touched by the warmth of my words
    my email is [email protected]
    whatsapp number +251919395676

  • Hi ,
    I am a well educated guy, with a university degree. I live in Austin Texas, Looking for the same kind of arrangement you are seeking to change my legal immigration status. I like white blonde girls, i am looking for someone to have a good and loyal relationship with. I am an Indian, in my early thirtys, 5feet 9 inches height. My email id is [email protected]. waiting for your reply.

  • Hello Theresa, look no further as I’m here for someone like u… I’m a young guy who understands women and treat them well as such… Reply me and I’ll make u feel like the woman that u are… Can see you have a free spirit as I have. Will like to be will u
    Email me [email protected] or +233241572779 and let’s move on from there

  • I am happy to meet you i would like to meet for a serous relationship you can WhatsApp me for more +256700390505

  • To have satisfaction sexual and to be cared for is different from looking for love. I am here to get satisfaction and affection. Like to have travel companion, a woman responsible enough to know she is being missed. Looking to meet that special someone not because of money or gifts. I want to meet a matured woman who is ready to explore the world with me. Am financially fit and capable to take care of woman . I like to travel a lot for vocations. Get in touch with me for a chat and pictures of me. Loneliness is a disease and it kills. Distance is not a problem. Send me a short mail and I will reply if interested and if we share the same ideology.

  • Search no further. Am here to give u the true love that you need. Am a tall guy. you’ll like. Am a Nigerian. Based in Abuja Nigeria. email [email protected], WhatsApp,+2348183778072. feel free to
    Call,email and WhatsApp me anytime even at midnight. Am single

  • Hi, my name is Norbert. i’m from Nigeria but i currently live in Sao Paulo Brazil. i am single and 35 years old. i am seriously looking for a loving and caring sugar mummy. you are very beautiful and
    interesting, i will be happy to connect with you, and live a happy life with you.
    i am loyal and trustworthy and i am willing to pamper you at all time, and make you feel happy and you will never like to stay away from me. i will give you the real respect and the real love, because i am real. and my real name is Norbert.
    i am not here for a joke, you can see my name posted so many places in this sugar mummy site because i am seriously looking for a loving and caring sugar mummy. i am not shy to post my name in the site because i am proud to connect with a loving and caring woman.
    so if you choose me i prefer that we live together than to live separate.
    i will hold your arms and walk with you at all time. i will be proud of you anytime and anywhere. i will pamper you very well because you will be my queen.
    my whatsapp ( +55 11952708897 )
    email ( [email protected] )

  • Hi, my name is Norbert. i’m from Nigeria but i currently live in Brazil. i am single and 35 years old.
    i am seriously looking for a loving and caring sugar mummy.
    you are very beautiful, i will be glad to connect with you and live happily with you.
    i am loyal and trustworthy, and i am willing to pamper you at all time, and make you my queen.
    i will be proud of you any time and any where.
    if you really need a man who can love you and respect you, then just chose me and i am ready to love you and respect you. i will give lots of affection, and i will never do anything to hurt you.
    please chose me, i wish to be the lucky person.
    contact me via whatsapp ( +55 11952708897 )
    email ( [email protected] )
    if you have not choosen any one yet. then please chose me and you will never regret it.
    i will be the best man for you, i will make you the happiest person. i am waiting to here from you.
    to describe myself. i am average height and i am black in complexion. thanks a lot.

  • Hi, my name is Norbert. I’m single and 35 years old. i am from Nigeria and i currently live in Brazil.
    i really want to connect with you and be your man. i am simple, respectful affectionate, loyal, and trustworthy. please contact me via whatsapp to view mp picture.
    ( +55 11952708897 )
    email. [email protected] com

  • Hello, my name is Norbert. i am a Nigerian but live currently in Brazil. i am single and 35 years old.
    i am seriously want to connect with a loving and caring woman.
    i really like you that’s why i am making a request that you should please choose me. i want to be your man, and i am ready to be loyal with you and trustworthy, at all time.
    i will give you the real love and always respect you, i will pamper you like no one else on earth. ..
    i almost spend all the little money that i have to those who claims to be sugar mummies agent.
    but i thank God that i discover this site, and i believe that God Almighty will definitely send me a caring and loving woman.
    if you have not choose anyone yet. please add me on whatsapp to view my picture.
    +55 11952708897
    email. [email protected]

  • Hi, i am still waiting for you. please contact me, i am the man that will take good care of you, with respect, loyal, and trustworthy. and pamper you all time, treat you as a queen.
    please contact me let chat on whatsapp ( +55 11 952708897 )
    email ( [email protected] )
    thanks, with all the respect

  • Hello Theresa,

    I read your post more than once. You and I share the same values especially when it comes to loyalty, honesty and truthfulness. I am a private person and I don’t subscribe to Social Media platforms as I don’t trust them. I had rather speak directly with you by phone but rather it be face to face. Should our relationship moves forward, our face to face meeting will provide us the to opportunity to see if the relationship moves forward or not.

    I read in your intro you were from Texas, turn-about is fair play, I’m from Tennessee. And yes, Texas and Tennessee have some very good things in common, especially one.

    I’ll not keep you any longer and leave you my contact information, should you decide that we cultivate the relationship further.
    Email:[email protected] Mobile phone:931-622-2737.

    Hope you have a great weekend,




    What do you think about men with full beards?

  • Hello,

    I am Jim Duncan, caucasian male from Tennessee USA. What you will find is that I am dependable, loyal, honest, trustworthy and the list goes on. I have set my personal expectations some time ago and will be happy to share those with the ladies that contact me for potential new relationship. I am easy going easy to get along with and happy to please.
    You can reach me via email at [email protected] or by phone at 931-622-2737. I typically do not answer numbers I don’t recognize and allow them to go to voice mail, so please leave your name, phone number and a brief message concerning your inquiry and how you came across my contact information.

    Many thanks,

    Jim Duncan

  • Hello Theresa,

    This comes from Jim In Tennessee.

    Before I get into further details, are you still looking for that special man in your life? If you are, I am willing to pursue. If not, I will be on my way and wish you the best. You can let me know via email at [email protected]

  • My name is Abraham Maranatha, single with no kids. I will be a man who gives all my heart and body to my wife, fill her life with bright colors. I love and fear God. Am 42 years but my face looks like 30 years. My strength is like 25 years because am vegetarian. — We will marry and live together. Email me at: [email protected] / Watsapp +233260634635 or call my cell phone +233553541444

  • Hello my name is robert I’m a very good looking man hard worker very respectful I’m 6 foot blonde hair blue eyes very fit I’m 25 years old weigh 180 I promise you I will fullfil your needs contact me at 12086168398

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