Sugar Mummy Sweden wants your WhatsApp Number

Sugar Mummy Sweden wants your WhatsApp Number – A very Rich Sugar Mummy have sent a request. She wants the Whatsapp number of any black man with a handsome and presentable appearance. She wants to have a chat with the man, if she finds him okay from his profile picture.

My name is Miriam, i stay in Lund, Sweden. I’m a 71 year old Sugar Mummy who is seeking for men between 35 – 70 years of age. I just need a companion, someone who will be there to help me carry out little works, make me laugh by telling me sweet and funny stories. Someone that would be there for me in times of need. Not monetary anyway.

Currently a widower, i decided not to get married from my early years when i was widowed. I became a Sugar Mummy and have been getting connections from other Sugar Mummy websites around, but now i want to drop a request on SMO, to see the kind of man i can get here, if he would meet my taste.

I am an easy going grandma, though my kids are not staying together with me here in Sweden. There is always a sense of happiness in everyone who is close to my personality, because i treat them with ease. My interest are in: Arts, Astrology, Movies, Museums, Nature, Reading, Religion, Sailing.

Also have interest in Shopping, Theatre, Travelling, World Music, Cars, Yoga, Classical Music, Cooking, Dancing, Food, Gardening, Jazz Music, Literature.

I would love to have a man who understands these facts, and will find time to cope with it. A man who will be full of fun and always ready to put a smile on my face. He shouldn’t be someone with poor mentality. Generally he should be very loyal, caring and most importantly, trustworthy.

Sugar Mummy Sweden

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Sugar Mummy Sweden

Sweden Sugar Mummies are also willing to spend on you as long as you want and are ready to tell you all you want to hear. They are very loving and compassionate.

You can be made rich and happy by simply getting in contact with her.

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  • I don’t mind the age,because I know it is just a number.
    Am ready to offer you love and care.
    I am understanding person ready to learn new things and cultural.
    I can even change nationality just for you.
    My number is +254728380054

  • I am a young Gambian of 41years. I am a very honest and modest personality with high sense of humour and very truthful so I would like a woman with the same qualities. If you do pls call me in my WhatsApp no. +220 744 2049.

  • am interested.. am Joel from Uganda. a telecom engineer by profession but in need of a rich sugar mummy. my whatsapp number +256783163734

  • I’m philimonsepeng I’m staying in George western cape I’m 34 years I’m looking for sugar mama call me on this number is 0788603945 or WhatsApp on this number is 0788603945 or face book on this number

  • Hi,Miriam am Lam a 39yr old man from Kenya mature,honest to my self and caring and loving and transparent on everything and fun to be with. Am very respectful,educated and a consultant. Am always w good listener. Ready to settle with you because am devorced for more what’s up me on +254706280550 or email me on [email protected] com

  • Hello my dear madam, it is good time to meet you dear. Am Evans from Kenya and am seeking a faithful partenr like u dear. About me am 37 years old and am God fearing humble kind understanding caring loved polait honest and strong man. It is my request that if find this comment please call or whatspp me so that we see what next.+254-725-329-346 or [email protected] please i need u in my life.

  • Am Yeboah from Ghana. Young,energetic,romantic and very hot in bed. I’ve got a huge cock. My whatsapp number is +233555106595.

  • hi am sam…very lovin and funny…down to earth and luvs fun…very spontaneous and adventurous too…ur world will be full of laughter wid me…+233542849870

  • am Geoffrey from South Africa cape Town am looking sugarmummy for more information please contact me or WhatsApp me on this number +277182639856

  • You are so gorgeous and heavenly endowed my Queen of Africa.. I want to love with my heart and soul.. I am Nelson From Ghana, Accra.. I am thick and tall,nice looking and very neat in dressing. I want yo love you forever if you give me the chance. hope to hear from you dear. +233245723776.

  • hi am cyrus from kampala, uganda, am interested in sugarmum, am black tall, energetic, willing to give you what you want, my phone number is +256751101118

  • Welcome to Asian date hookup a platform where you meet with rich sugar mummy or daddy, also we have rich gay and lesbian, for immediate hookup whatsapp us:+60107671926

  • Email: [email protected]
    WhatsApp Contact: +233240813629
    Patrick is my name, but I love it when I’m called “NOBLE PADDY”. I am 28years old. Well Educated with an Accounting background. Love and honesty has been my hallmark. And the greatest gift one can wish for is to love and be loved back. As such wouldn’t give any mummy that pours her heart to be with me a reason to doubt me. I will let her swim in an amazing pool of love and let her knows that indeed we have unique guys out there.
    Ghana is my country.
    Looooove you yah, I mean you, yes you the mummy reading!!!

  • Am God fearing man if interested in me am ready to show you true love and to be trustworthy man get me on +256702910448 Am in Uganda.

  • Am in Uganda if your interested in me am ready to show you true love and to be trustworthy man get me on +256702910448

  • Hullo.
    I think the greatest thing about a man is not how he boasts himself, rather what his actions really speak out. My lady, if you walk into my life, I will be the happiest person on this planet. All I want is to love you, care about you and have a happy life with you. Am very down to earth, never rushing things, I take time as the most important thing that will finally connect us. Look into my eyes and you will see what am telling you

  • I am ready to love you and love you im just A poor guy i will not say im the most hansome but just check me out i need A sugar mumy to love my number +237 682691496 get me on whatsap or face book (Etah frank) ok

  • i have never heard from you , but when i see your smile, i know what’s in your heart. that’s love for me. i will never forget the warmth of your hands on my hands, i want to feel it every day and every night. so be mine.

  • am ready to sweden whos ready to took me there +254712239520 is my phone number&whatsapp,waiting for you

  • I am Simeon by name,I am a black man with muscles because I go to the gym everyday to build up my body,I am looking for serious relationship,If you want to know more about me kindly reply or add me on whatsapp here is my whatsapp number +2207078737

  • Kennedy is my name am a black man I leave in looking for a serious relationship please u can know me whatsup line +260978404100

  • am Clement a Ghanaian who is ready to marry not bothering of the age of the woman.
    The name is Clement and the number is

    • +233544564043 that’s my wassap number
      an am Clement from Ghana I am ready to get married to a woman not bothering of the age of the woman

  • I’m loving for a sugar mommy. I am from south Africa. I will treat u like gold and give u all The love I have and make u very happy I’m all ways possible. Contact me and let’s get chatting. I’m a white male aged 28. 0630968305

  • What I believe love doesn’t cost nothing and it is all about the heart of has no age,race,status,has nothing only is the heart of is where the heart of creation lays who knows the definition of an Astral body? first is where the love lays?this is my WhatsApp number ladies,+256782937457or [email protected]

    • Your smile is priceless,like my love for you,it is endless,just one lady she will be the reason for my smile,i love you I want you today,tomorrow and i would still want you for the next days of the coming years,my ultimate goal in life is to be happy and i found it in you,I would to walk to you,if I had no other choice,To let you know how much you mean to me the sun came shining through dark clouds the day i met you,I love you then,love you still and always will,I can never promise a perfect relationship, All I can is,if you are tying,i am staying my lady you’re the first person I wanna see in morning and the last one before I close my eyes at night I will face all my fears,if it means having you,All your imperfections are perfect to my eyes,
      This is my WhatsApp number pliz,+256782937457

      • Your warm up the coldest night with your arms the hug me so tight,your smile is like the sun,your eyes are like the stars,I love you day and night,Rain or shine,whener you need me,I will always be there,I would rather walk with you through the flame than take this journey on my own,I found you,you found me,Truly we are meant to be,Take my hand,we will face every tomorrow hand in hand,Having you in my arms is like holding the whole world,someday we will never have to say goodbye just goodnight my dreams came true when I am with you,i am waiting an Angle from Heaven let me call it Heaven sent,
        This is my WhatsApp number number pliz,+256782937457

        • Love is all about you ten miles of flowers bloom only for you when I play a song you seem like standing hebind me.its pouring heavily I am waiting using the distance near or far to make pities and struggles more poetic,your drink and fun,using the meeting once in a lifetime to exchange one day with you around,using the expectation sincerely and wholeheartedly to exchange a rain listing with you,its sad to be happy alone,this is my WhatsApp number+256782937457

      • My eyes miss feeling love hand need mind call heart just for you.i will die without you,because I love you,once you start loving someone its hard to stop,every man needs a woman when his life is a mess,because just like a game of chess,the queen protects aking you happiness is important to me that is why I want to be the main reason for was sunsets that taught me that beauty only lasts for a couple of moments,and it was sunrises that showed me that all it takes,my WhatsApp number+256782937457

      • Sugarmummy is like bloom flower,So here I am to let you know that I love you I cannot believe until now that there will come a time that I will get chance to you sweet sugarmumy and true love,i guess it will be useless for me to live without you sweet sugarmumy, you picked up every broken pieces of my heart,will you promise me that,you will never make me cry?because of you I will learn how to trust again,God loves us so much because,He never stopped in guilding us,I love you not because you are a good looking guy,i love you because all you wanted is for me,really who are I am?this is my WhatsApp number+256782937457

      • Beyond all time my heart shall be with you sugarmumy for infinity, only through our hearts can we truly experience life?not with human senses sight,touch,smell,and hearing cannot do justice,but only with all the love in your soul,I will never be ashamed of the tears I have shed for they bring nourishment to the desolate, desert of my heart,my pains,and sorrows give newness to the dry Earth and for a moment,make wild flowers bloom,when you are in love,Even the loudest construction noises sound like a symphong of magic,you cannot see with your eyes what is true in someone’s heart,you can only feel it a heart without love is a garden without water I thirst for yours sugarmumy, I would have sooner died than not have the love of those who care of me,Even in the most trying times,Sugarmumy I really love you so much,my problem having enough time with the one I love most for the sake of true love with sugarmumy, this is my WhatsApp number+256782937457

    • In this world without love is like a fish in shallow water,Sugarmumy is like a star,moon,sun,for every corner of the world,Trust is like glass,once broken,it will never be the same again,learn to sit back and observe,not everything needs a reaction,this is my WhatsApp number+256782937457

    • Guys never find love let love find you that is which we call fall in love and the true is never be wrong,heta cannot lead heta only love can do that,you believe or not,aforced love can burst your brain without sex on brain,love doesnt cost a thing,the sugar mummies they are not trustwothy at all she can be with you today,tomorrow you find her in man’s chest, what is the meaning for chaeting or to stay with the one you love most?love picks is nothing,this my WhatsApp+256782937457

  • Now I’ m missing love of an Angel,I am fading way,I don’t know where I am sure.but tryna keep head.strong,but my heart won’t because there is someone missing in it.But I still think about sugar mummy now.but I believe there is an Angel starring at me one day,one time she shall fall down and take me with her,my WhatsApp+256782937457

  • Blessings from God yet here you are right besides me,and you are more than enough,I would not ask anything from anyone,because you are the one who complete my life,and you are the one that could give me the love that I need.I need not tell you the instesity of my love for you,there are no standards when it comes to love,it happens for everyone regardless of age,gender,and race,it happens to all,the meaning of beautiful life for me could never be equated in words,I will just lean my head on you forever, my WhatsApp+256782937457

  • my name is usman I’m from Pakistan 00971557311935 this is my whats app number if you like me so plz contect me on my whats app

    • My name Mugarura Gadafi from Uganda 36 years old,a Degree in Business administration,degree in Swahili language,interpreter and translator, driving license,love is not about money and education, love is only the heart of creation,my WhatsApp +256782937457,

  • To live in this world of sorrows and tears without alover is like afish in shallow water love is the pillar of the world,my feelings are so avivid to whom are ready for it, dont think that you can conquer my feelings because of your money no,you can conquer my feelings for the sake of togetherness what I believe is that,ladies do not tell guys about money in love money is nothing, men who needs money have no love at all,men pliz forgive me,who is willing to stay with me for the sake of love,my whatsappp+256782937457

    • Love is something that will kill the owner if lelf unreturned for long time,we take others,love is lightly when we know that they love us in secret until we know how it feels like once we experience it,ourselves its really painful when the one you love,the most sees you as something or some one invisible how can I tell you I love you without you running away,if I tell you how much I love you,would you rather stay with me? I love you when you are asleep,I love you when you are not looking,I love you when you are not knowing,it feels like I have been waiting forever for you to realize how much I love you,its when you have someone secretly,the fortune is when you have to be forever,my WhatsApp number,±256782937457

      • Careful with every words we speak and actions we do when in front of them,if you truly love me,like what you said,why are we hiding?why are you with me kissing,that is a distant memory,to stay together,you are so selfish for keeping me beside you when you cannot like aday without me,that killed me,I thought keeping me as a secret,was the worst heart break i will ever experience,but it was when knew cannot let me go,in secret because my love for you has grown so deep that it kills me to see you with someone else,don’t you ever tell me that you love me,when you cannot tell asingle soul about it,stop telling me how I make you feel because i now realize that you are hiding our love for,A love that has to be kept in secret is not love by itself,my WhatsApp WhatsApp number,+256782937457

        • Love is all about you ten miles of flowers bloom only for you when I play a song you seem like standing hebind me.its pouring heavily I am waiting using the distance near or far to make pities and struggles more poetic,your drink and fun,using the meeting once in a lifetime to exchange one day with you around,using the expectation sincerely and wholeheartedly to exchange a rain listing with you,its sad to be happy alone,this is my WhatsApp number+256782937457

  • My name is Albert from Malawian is my nationality ,by now I am in South Africa looking someone who she is willing to sacrifice her self on me because of luv , and I will luv her with my life my whtspl number +27722482835

  • hi… am from south Sudan ,working as IT . I want real woman it doesn’t how old she is as long as she can give me her best. Money cannot buy love or can not buy feelings. am a loving guy aged 32. loves is the moment that we spend together, love is a memory moments or things that we do together not money. My WhatsApp name is Mbembe Molongola and the number is +211929271129, my email is [email protected] and my Facebook email is [email protected]

  • FIrstly i do respect ur beauty.its sriyesh for u.Heartly to b wd u on chat wd u if u respect my iz my contact number fr watsaap.+919480942869.

  • My name is Ebrima Nyang from the Gambia I like you and ready to share my love to you and ready to love you only I don’t care money my care is your love and respect and ready to take all conditions you need from me, this my WhatsApp +2207997970 if you accept me you can contact me thanks.

  • Sugarmumies are like stars in Heaven and sunsets and sunrises,love is the pillars of the word,one sugarmumy lighting the whole world.

  • Ebrima Nyang from the Gambia l would be very happy if you accept me I promise I will be honest with you this my WhatsApp+2207997970 love to meet you

  • I’m Stewie,
    Looking for a rich Sugar Mummy either in Gauteng , Europe or Canada. I am a lawyer and willing to relocate. Currently based in Gauteng, I am Zimbabwean. My what’s app number is 0027785295186

  • I am here looking for ya, i i am on , whatsap number is+256794095560 and IMO, my name is byakatonda Obed Ross on Facebook

  • I am Burundian living in Uganda i want a serious relationship with a sugar mummy from USA z, I am a young boy who can take care of her in everything, my IMO number is+256789607085, my whatsap number is+256794095560, thanks for her answer Gmail address is [email protected]

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  • Im looking for a serious suger mummy with hope to lead to something serious should we click well, my name is Ephy located in south africa johannesburg. My number 0817006725

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