Cheating on Sugar Mummies and the consequences

Cheating on Sugar Mummies and the consequences –  These Sugar Mummies hate it when their sugar boys cheat on them. They need men who are trustworthy, romantic, caring and can show them all the love they desire. Not sharing the love with any other woman. Sugar Mummies can be very brutal when you cross their part. You need to know and understand your sugar mama before you think of to cheat.

Cheating on Sugar Mummies is not a new trend especially among younger men who feel they can satisfy so many women and keep it clean. Well, doing this is not a problem, the main issue is getting caught by any of the Sugar mamas you are cheating on.

These women are very desperate and can do anything for their lovers. They take it too serious when the Sugar Mama involved is deeply in love with you. The truth is that you need to stay clear off cheating on these Sugar Mamas or bear the consequences when you are caught.

Cheating on Sugar Mummies

57-year-old sugar mummy in Pretoria wants a faithful sugar boy to date for a short time. Willing to pay up to $3000 monthly.

If you want to know some of the consequences, then its simple. Some of them can refuse your payment if you are on their pay roll. They can go to the extent of pushing you out of their houses. Others who are extremely brutal can incur or give you some serious wounds on you body. If they can’t, they could send hoodlums after you and beat you seriously which can give you lots of injuries.

We have an Example from a trusted News website and this guy got a sugar mummy by dropping his contacts on sugar mummy requests: SEE HOW A 26 YEAR OLD GUY WAS BEATEN BY HIS SUGAR MUMMY FOR CHEATING ON HER.

These women can be very hard, especially when you decide not to by loyal and faithful to them alone. But if you follow their rules, show them love and care. They don’t mind making you feel comfortable and live a very rich life.


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